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No matter where you are, you can learn a musical instrument! Together with an experienced and qualified teacher, you will learn how to progress rapidly with joy and fun. Digital music lessons help to brighten up your life.

I started »My Digital Music School« because learning a musical instrument is fun! In my more than 10 years as being a music teacher, I noticed how much I enjoy sharing my passion for music.

To my delight, the establishment of »My Digital Music School« was made possible by a grant from the Ministry of Culture and Science of North Rhine-Westphalia.

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"Making music together, having fun and being creative - all of this from home! I look forward to seeing you!"

Marlous Pruszner


»My Digital Music School« offers online courses through platforms such as Zoom or Skype.
Physical distance becomes a minor matter, because proximity is created by making music together – regardless of your level of experience!


You will learn in a playful way to become familiar with reading and writing music and playing both your own and well-known songs.

Starting from the age of 5 , it is possible to learn how to play the recorder at »My Digital Music School«. It is recommended that very young children are accompanied by their parents during some of the lessons, as experience shows that young children enjoy starting to make music together with their parents. Music connects! And the music stays at home after the lessons.

Early music education

Singing, rhythmic games, getting to know the different musical instruments and insights into the history of music are offered by the elementary music online course. A lot of fun for children from 5 years and up!

One-to-one lessons

Group lessons

1x30 minutes
4x30 minutes
10x30 minutes

25 €
90 €
220 €

1x45 minutes
4x45 minutes
10x45 minutes

35 €
125 €
290 €

1x45 minutes
4x45 minutes
10x45 minutes

*price per participant

20 €
70 €
190 €

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"Proximity is not a matter of distance"

About me

My name is Marlous Pruszner and I am a professionally trained and performing oboist and teacher. I studied in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Maastricht and Düsseldorf.

Already during my studies I was repeatedly asked to teach (young) children. For more than 10 years, I have given recorder lessons, at first only as a preparation for oboe lessons. But being involved in a lot of recorder teaching has changed my view of the instrument: it is a wonderful and diverse instrument that is accessible to a variety of age groups.

At some point, I was asked to teach courses to the very young: early music education is a group lesson for children from the age of 4 which aims at playfully getting children acquainted with music. I have been giving these lessons for five years now and like this educational concept so much that I am going to start a master’s degree in early music education in autumn 2021.

In addition to my teaching, I play with various professional orchestras in Germany, ranging from opera (Gürzenich Orchester Cologne), to radio (WDR Funkhaus Cologne). Additionally, I record music for television and go on tour with Gregory Porter, Nils Landgren and David Garrett.


Marlous Pruzsner

The idea of ​​»My Digital Music School«

In times of contact limitations, I became aware that digital proximity has very positive effects on students and their learning process. My experience: Digital proximity is better than keeping physical distance.

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Having fun
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being creative
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where ever you are!

Learning a new instrument with joy and fun! You can play the songs you would like to learn. Or maybe play your own songs? Anyone can learn to play a musical instrument!

In my classes, I put a lot of emphasis on playing together, writing my own little songs and getting to know different types of music. In a playful way, students become familiar with different aspects of music, such as rhythm and music history. And they get to know different musical instruments!

In my music lessons I use, among others, the methods of »Braingym« (Dennison & Dennison). I try to help my students develop a positive mindset using techniques from »Mindset« (Carol Dweck).

Whether at home, on vacation, or anywhere else: Proximity is not a matter of distance. Digital proximity is easy! Nothing gets in the way of having fun and enjoying music.

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